Enchanted Forest Publishing Ltd was born from the passion of two close friends who love reading and writing. Now they extend that same passion to helping bring other writer’s stories to the world.

LORNA J CHILD – Company Director

Lorna J Child was born in Glasgow and lived in the Orkney Islands until she was seven. Lorna was always writing poetry and short stories as a child and loved reading The Famous Five books. She moved to Bournemouth aged seven and has been there ever since. Lorna has several children and enjoys family walks and has always wanted to be a writer. The author won poetry competitions when she was younger. She has spent years working in care homes looking after the elderly which she loves doing but her dream of being a writer never went away. Her first published children’s book Happy Ever Afters was released in 2019.

PETER HOPKINS – Publishing Assistant

Peter Hopkins was born in Gloucestershire and now lives in Wiltshire where the history of the South West of England feeds into his writing. Aside from being a father of several beautiful children he is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief for www.horrorscreamsvideovault.co.uk and the Editor-in-Chief for www.horror-asylum.com. His passion for the horror genre is clearly seen in his day to day duties for these sites and he also writes for the magazine We Belong Dead. Peter is currently also writing a collection of horror short stories.

Our Story

Enchanted Forest Publishing Ltd is a UK based book publisher. We are always on the look for new exciting authors and those who already are published looking for a new publisher.

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