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If you have a book that you are looking to get published we would love to hear from you.

There is no upfront fees for getting your book published with us and we accept submissions from new and established authors.

Send your manuscripts to us at:

We will read your book and be in touch with a decision within 30 days of you submitting your manuscript to us.

Happy writing.

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The Twisted Trilogy: A Horror Short Story Collection

The Twisted Trilogy

From debut author Christopher Joyce comes a trilogy of twisted tales.

A down-and-out loner makes a gruesome discovery in the woods.

A sadistic killer seeks to pass on his skills to his loyal followers.

Connor quickly realises there’s something not quite right about his new friend, Lydia…

THE TWISTED TRILOGY: A HORROR SHORT STORY COLLECTION by Christopher Joyce is now available to order on Amazon Kindle and paperback worldwide.

The Lightning Thesaurus by M. B. Blissett

In the kingdom of Vivaria, Zephyrus, a sorcerer is on the run from a powerful noble intent on his murder. Moira, a healer, saves his life and introduces him to Ron Brandywood, a competent and able bodyguard. Three feet tall and using his fists to defend his clients, Zephyrus must trust Ron if he is to escape his pursuers. Yet, as they venture on, the noble’s true intentions and powers force Ron and Moira to make terrible sacrifices if they are to protect him.

THE LIGHTNING THESAURUS: A RON BRANDYWOOD CAPER by M B Blissett is now available to order on Amazon Kindle and paperback worldwide.

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